Free Wood


Good free firewood
bad wood to burn
Unpainted Pallets
Painted Pallets
Joiners Offcuts of untreated wood
Painted or Tanalised Wood
Branches & trees recovered from fresh water
Branches & trees recovered from salt water

Stihl Wood Moisture MeterEven free firewood MUST be dried before burning. Burning wet wood is a waste of your time as well as a waste of the wood you collected.

You can very easiliy be only getting half the heat you could have from your firewood just because it is only slightly too wet. Get a Moisture Meter and read our firewood guide for more information.

Bulk bags of sawn up pallets - a great source of free firewoodPlease be aware that if reclaimed timber has been chemically treated it may well be subject to the Waste Incineration Directive and thus can only be burnt in WID compliant burners.

The burning of such material in domestic stoves may well be an illegal act and could result in heavy penalties. Multi-Fuel Stoves Buy Now

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